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What We Mediate

Family Co-Mediation offers the opportunity to choose from our group of diverse professional backgrounds who can offer support and guidance for:

1. Family Law and Divorce

2. Estate Conflicts

3. School Conflicts 

4. Caregiving and Guardianships

5. Organizations and Family Businesses

Family Law and Divorce

  • Division of Assets

  • Custody

    • For Children of Married and Unmarried Parents​

  • Child and Spousal Support

  • Parenting Time Agreements

  • Educational and Extracurricular Needs

  • Modifications of Existing Orders or Agreements

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements


Estate Conflicts

  • We have assisted families, organizations, and family businesses when circumstances have required settling an estate, reorganizing or succession planning for a business or organization, or figuring out what to do following the passing of a parent or partner.


School Conflicts

  • Parent-School Conflicts

  • Parent-Teacher Conflicts

  • Child-School Conflicts

  • Community Conflicts and Relations


Caregiving and Guardianships

  • Conflicts Involving Caregivers, Parents, and Guardians and...

    • Public Agencies

    • Family Members

    • Care Arrangements


Organizations and Family Businesses

  • Maintaining and Sustaining Small and Closely-Held (Non-Profit and For-Profit) Organizations, Family Businesses, and partnerships 

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