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NY Times Article

This article offers insight into the struggles teenagers have been facing relating to changes made in education due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Parents and guardians can find context for their teenagers' behaviors and suggestions on how to best offer their support.

Child Mind Institute Resource

COVID and Kids' Mental Health is a comprehensive page of resources related to youth mental health in the era of a global pandemic. The Child Mind Institute offers insight on topics from educating your child about the COVID-19 pandemic to navigating this often-stressful time as a single parent.

BrainPOP Video

This five-minute video provides a youth-oriented and child friendly explanation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the restrictions that are omnipresent in our daily lives, and why and how we can and should make an effort to prevent the spread.


Parenting is hard, particularly in the era of a far-reaching global health crisis. While supporting and protecting our children is important, it is also essential that parents take time to care for themselves. This article provides insight into how pandemic-related fatigue may impact parents and offers recommendations for those who are looking for ways to support themselves.

Resource Page

On this page of resources, Child Trends offers an overview of children's emotional health in the era of a pandemic as well as a comprehensive list of more in-depth resources to support parents and guardians in a number of areas. In addition to offering guardian-specific videos and articles, Child Trends also includes media geared towards educators and even entire communities, states, tribes, and territories.

Resource page

The American Psychological Association's COVID-19 resource page is a constantly updated source of news, workplace recommendations, information on supporting loved ones, and more relevant references.


In We're Still Family, author and researcher Constance Ahrons expands her landmark study—detailed in her previous book, The Good Divorce—to include interviews with more than 170 adults who were children at the time of their parents' separation. We're Still Family offers an in-depth examination of the lasting impacts of divorce on a family unit and challenges myths and popular notions about divorce and its effect on children.


In Two Homes, One Childhood, author and Psychologist Robert Emery provides research-based insight to support parents in navigating a separation while supporting their young ones. Emery takes the reader on an in-depth examination of the impact of divorce—both during the process and in a situation of shared custody, paying special attention to how recommendations differ for children in different age groups.

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