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Team approach to mediation and dispute resolution
Family Co-Mediation uses a team of two highly skilled and experienced professional mediators from the fields of family mental health and family law, partnering with you and your family to achieve conflict resolution.

At Family Co-Mediation couples and families seeking assistance with conflict resolution are best served by co-mediators who draw upon a complementary set of skills and disciplines.

Stephen M. Linsky, Esq., Mediator 
Rebecca M. Cohan, LICSW, Mediator
Family Co-Mediation provides an effective, balanced team approach to dispute resolution in many areas of family conflict. We work with parent/child, parent/adolescent, and parent/adult-child conflicts; pre-marital, marital, divorce and post-marital conflicts, including re-marriage and step-family conflicts; we work with sibling conflicts and family business conflicts.

Family Co-Mediation is located in Newton, Massachusetts a suburb of Boston, MA, convenient to Greater Boston and communities in the North Shore, South Shore and Metro West areas.

We offer a free half-hour consultation to all new clients.